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Ear Molding 

Did you know that ear deformities are one of the most frequently overlooked infant disfigurements?

  • Infant ear deformities occur at a rate of between 20% and 35% of all births
  • Some pediatricians think of an outer ear deformity as a minor aesthetic irregularity
  • People believe that ear deformities will self-correct or that can be corrected through plastic surgery, once the child has grown.

Ear Molding is a reliable, safe, non-invasive, non-surgical procedure
Waiting and hoping that the ear might self-correct is risky. A Japanese study concluded that while some ear deformities will self-correct, others will remain the same and some will even worsen. Most importantly, the study noted that it is impossible to predict.Ear molding has a success rate of over 90% 

Ear Molding With Dr. Amjad

   •   Molding must be applied early in a child’s life (optimum is less than 3 weeks of age).  Earlier - better.

   •   Ear molding  is safe, tested, pain-free AND it works.

Dr. Amjad can complete the procedure in the office.   With a noticeable improvement after 4-6 weeks.