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Hemangioma/ Vascular Malformation

Medline plus has an excellent defintion of hemangioma.

Medline plus also has a general overview of AVM.

Dr. Amjad treats hemangiomas with a specialized comprehensive team.  Treatment is tailored to each patient and family. 

Different treatments exist for hemagiomas at this time.
1. Observation
2. Laser
3. Steroids
    a. intralesional
    b. systemic
4. Surgery

Each treatment has it’s risks and benefits.  Dr.  Amjad will discuss this with you at the time of the visit.

Pictures of hemangiomas.

Venous malformations, AVMs, and lymphatic malformations are not as common as hemagiomas in infants and neonates but are commonly seen by Dr. Amjad.

Pictures of Venous malformations AVM lymphatic malformation

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